Coron – Substitute Teachers’ Survival Manual

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From the Introduction to the Book (Second Edition) This manual was recommended to you/provided for you or purchased out of interest. Professors of education may also find this manual interesting as relatively few of them have had experience with substitute teaching. It is one of the valuable resources that “subs” […]

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Reich – How To Order Chinese…

Cover design by polytekton. Cover drawing by Dylan Reich. About the Book In Joseph D. Reich’s most recent book of poetry, How To Order Chinese During A Hostage Crisis, he colorfully and cleverly narrates in confessional, narrative and stream-of-consciousness style and form, the troubling and often maddening, ‘absurd,’ social and […]

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Quillien and Lockwood – Liminal Lands

It stands to reason that writings on ‘sense of place’ focus on where people live. This monograph, however, respectfully turns its back on peopled environments in order to consider marginal lands, where the living ain’t easy and the inhabitants few. Geography matters, indeed, limits, molds, colors human life, determines sensibilities. […]

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Groves – Hopalong Cassidy

About the Book Hopalong Cassidy: A Horse Opera consists of the following three sections: Part One: Bang! Bang! Hopalong Cassidy Takes Darwin is a factual account of William Boyd’s event-packed two days in the Northern Territory capital in 1954; Part Two: Hopalepidopter Almost Takes Darwin is the libretto/storyboard created for Danius […]

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Gateway – The Three Rivers Country

About the Book The exhibition, Gateway – The Three Rivers Country, focuses on the ecological transformation of Madison County during the early decades of European settlement. The work in the exhibition includes adaptations of historical sources and references along with contemporary material in historical context. The native ecology at the […]

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