Our Mission

Hog Press is an independent and nonprofit publisher located in Ames, Iowa. In our books we promote widespread awareness and celebration of the many cultures, landscapes, and innovative ideas developed by people around the world. Through our beautifully designed books we are building a vibrant community of readers, writers, and thinkers.Our goal at Hog Press is to work with cultural institutions, other nonprofits, and individuals who are interested in sharing their knowledge and ideas with a global audience.

About Hog Press

Hog Press was founded by publisher Mikesch Muecke in 2015 as a non-profit and independent off-shoot of Culicidae Press (which has been publishing peer-reviewed books on a wide range of topics worldwide since 2005). Hog Press draws the same geographical arc across the globe but publishes instead non-peer-reviewed books whose readers participate in a wider range of aesthetic and cultural tastes than those of Culicidae Press stock. Our first book, available on the Publications page, is testimony to this approach: Gateway: The Three Rivers Country was a collaboration between the Westbrook Artists’ Site (WAS) and the Madison County Historical Society in the southwestern region of Iowa. 

If you happen to be in central Iowa, drop by at our headquarters. We work most of the time at 918 5th Street in Ames, Iowa, just a short walk west of the Wheatsfield Cooperative Grocery. We share our offices with Culicidae Press, and we inhabit the second house on the south side of 5th Street, going west on the cul-de-sac.


Even though we are non-profit and independent, our authors still earn royalties for any books that they sell. We pay royalties quarterly. However, rather than use the incoming money from the 50/50 split between author and Hog Press for ourselves, we give back the Hog Press share to the community through donations to worthy causes.