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Coron – Substitute Teachers’ Survival Manual

From the Introduction to the Book (Second Edition)

This manual was recommended to you/provided for you or purchased out of interest. Professors of education may also find this manual interesting as relatively few of them have had experience with substitute teaching. It is one of the valuable resources that “subs” can use. This was designed to help make a potentially very difficult job a lot easier. It is designed to help you not only survive but to feel confident and in control when you are working with students for perhaps the first time. For best results, read through this entire manual before your first substitute teaching session.

Most of the information provided in this mnual is geared middle school/high school but a great deal of it is applicable to younger populations. Ideally, the substitute teacher can work with almost any age student, but the ideal is not common. Most substitutes tend to work with just the population they feel most comfortable with and this is often the best thing to do unless the reader has a great need for salary and is willing to take whatever comes around for subbing opportunities.

Picture yourself in this scenario: You walk into a classroom filled with highly energized students. One of them asks who you are and you reply that you are “the sub”. Within seconds you hear things from several students such as: “Oh great, a sub.” Or, “I guess this is going to be a free period.” or, “You don’t look like a sub.” or, “I hope you know that this is one of the worst classes in the whole school.” Perhaps you hear something supportive from some friendlier looking students, but probably not. The above is extremely common or something just like it. What happens immediately after you announce that you are the sub for the class is almost entirely up to you, not the students. There are different outcomes depending on what you do and don’t do. It has been estimated that substitute teachers will work in a student’s class for about six months during the student’s kindergarten through senior high years. This is extremely important to keep in mind as subs can become a real contributor to the education of students or they can become a hindrance.

Praise for The Substitute Teachers’ Survival Manual

Jonathan Coron has created a unique, useful and highly readable guide for substitute teachers, chock full of good ideas, good advice, and good common sense.  Anyone entering the teaching profession, either as a substitute or a classroom teacher, would benefit from reading this little book.

Jeffry A. Hurt, PhD
Professor Emeritus
College of Education
University of Florida

About the Author

Mr. Coron has a Master’s of Science degree in Exercise Physiology (Queens, The City University of New York), a Master’s of Science degree in Health Science Education (University of Florida) and a Bachelor’s of Science degree from New York University. He has taught courses at New York University, The University of Florida, and City College-Florida as well as a short stint as a 4th grade teacher with the School Board of Alachua County, Florida. He has worked very successfully as a substitute teacher on and off between full time positions on several long-term occasions. Both of his parents are/were highly respected, retired education professors from New York City who have provided him with teaching insights for 25 years.

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