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Scovil – Wee Folks Stories from the New Testament

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About the Book

The original of the below text was written by Ms. Elizabeth Robinson Scovil, and was published and copyrighted in 1921. Jon Savage found the original 1921 version in his mother’s belongings.

The book was re-printed in the early 1930s.

Ms. Scovil’s intent was to write a book of mostly one syllable words so that the youngest of children (the “wee folks”) could better hear, read and understand the messages from some favorite and critical Old Testament stories.

Most of the text and pictures of this book mirror Ms. Scovil’s original publication, with only a few changes to reflect our contemporary language. Truly, this is her book one-hundred-and-three years after her original publication.

Ms. Scovil (1849 – 1934) was a truly remarkable woman for the ages. To learn more about Ms. Elizabeth Robinson Scovil, go to this website.

The original title of this book was Wee Folks Stories From The Old Testament – In Words of One Syllable, a title we kept for this book while adding the word ‘Mostly’ because there are some two-syllable words in the text as well.

Because the book is for children, we added black-and-white versions of the color images in the book at the end, after the text, so children (or adults reading children’s books) can color them.

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