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Vorhees – GIFT

GIFT is the aptly named new volume by Duane Vorhees. Unlike his previous book, THE MANY LOVES OF DUANE VORHEES, the new one is not monothematic. It explores the subjects that are the basis of great poetry — self, life, politics, place, faith, philosophy, and art among them — in a variety of styles and moods. Throughout, the poems employs wit, creativity, and erudition in an approachable manner. Anyone who enjoys meaningful poetry should look forward to reading and re-reading this remarkable tome. As Duane writes in his opener,
Medicine men summon the sacred smoke
of sage sweetgrass and cedar.
They unrein the Dream.
And poets compose.
They unmine the mindfield,

What the Reviewers Write

… a delightful collection of poems! At times playful, at times sober and reflective [on the topics of] friendship, envy, lust, the philosophy of existence, [written] in a voice that is sincere, original, captivating. The reader becomes an explorer, and the exploration brings great joy and value.

— Peter Wodarz, Professor, Okinawa Christian University

I always have approached a Vorhees book with a smile on my face, knowing that soon I would chuckle at his politely naughty sense of humor and delightful word play. […]

[His] respect for language and the beauty in which it can take multiple directions takes on the tone of a blues number […]

He understands the beauty of our frailties, the lost and found and lost yet again inevitable pattern of the human experience. […]

[T]his collection of poems embraces the elusiveness of life’s beauty […]. Everything has its moment.

— Dave Norris, Associate Professor of English, University of Maryland Global Campus

[V]isionary and eclectic […] [The author’s] metaphorical poetry speaks directly to the reader, challenging […] us to concentrate on lexical progression and his astonishing rhythmic, galloping rhyming scheme, [following] an unknown but intriguing poetic path, passing distant lands and meeting an array of people, cultures and beliefs […] This is indeed a cinematic journey through the eyes of a world travelling word weaver, who has tasted life’s feast and who now throws existential crumbs our way; satisfying our global palette […] whilst at the same time closing our eyes and bravely attempt to savour unknown poetic flavours.

— Don Beukes, Author of The Salamander Chronicles

I kept thinking that I had encountered what could have happened had e.e. cummings and Franz Wright collaborated on a project. Vorhees is a wordsmith who unlocks the subtle meanings — entendres, double and triple — and makes us marvel at the power of language. This is a collection of brilliant poems. […] [It] is poetry that intends to open the eyes, inform the intellect, and tangle the reader in the intricacies of words. It succeeds. […] Duane Vorhees emerges as one of our most important poets.

— Charlie Brice, Author of Mnemosyne’s Hand

How to Buy the Book

The book is available worldwide through Amazon as a paperback and Kindle version (see links below):

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About the Book

Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: Hog Press (May 5, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1941892442
ISBN-13: 978-1941892442
Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.4 x 10 inches

About the Author

Duane Vorhees grew up in Ohio, lived in South Carolina and Canada, worked at a variety of jobs (some distinguished, many humble), and taught various subjects in the US, Korea, and Japan before moving to Thailand with his family. He hosts, an award-winning daily e-zine devoted to the creative arts, and is proud of the hundreds of brilliant artists from around the world who have contributed to it. He enjoys reading, writing, and performing, but (like most people) wishes he was richer, smarter, and better looking. Nonetheless, despite his shortcomings, he is appreciative of the many people who have been kind enough of be his friends.